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  •  Nepoleon Duraisamy

    Mr. Nepoleon Duraisamy - Chairman & CEO

    Kumaresan Duraisamy, better known as Nepoleon is a celebrated actor and an astute entrepreneur. Considered an actor who lives his roles with realism, Nepoleon set significant milestones in his career in the Indian film industry and forayed into entrepreneurship in the year 2000. Awakened by the large scale unemployment of qualified youngsters, Nepoleon kick started Jeevan Technologies’ IT operations in Chennai, India the same year. Today, Jeevan is a trusted technology transformation partner of enterprises across the globe under his mentorship. Nepoleon’s keen business acumen has birthed other equally successful commercial ventures like Jeevan IT Academy and Jeevan Seaside. He has served the public domain under various capacities which proved for the betterment of the people of his country.

    Identifying himself with the common man, Nepoleon’s leadership skills and service to the masses soon hailed him as a people’s leader. He portrayed exuberant skills and prowess when offering services as the ex-central minister for social justice and empowerment until March 2013.


  • Jayasudha Nepoleon

    Mrs. Jayasudha Nepoleon - President (Global)

    Mrs. Jayasudha Nepoleon is one of the founders of Jeevan Technologies and now is President (Global) of the Jeevan Group of companies. She was elected to lead from the front when the former Chairman and CEO, D. Nepoleon took over as the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment with the Government of India. Her Masters in Business Management in Finance helped her serve as the CFO for Jeevan prior to becoming the President (Global). She has been playing a strategic role in transforming Jeevan Technologies into one of the best brands in the IT industry. She has demonstrated expertise in formulating corporate strategies & a long-term plan, which has helped Jeevan achieve high degrees of business excellence in customer satisfaction, revenue growth and operational maturity.