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Case Study

Inventory Management application for a logistic firm

Inventory Management does not make decisions or manage operations, they provide the information to managers who make more accurate and timely decisions to manage their operations. This system provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities and communicate with customers.

Preparing and Filing Income Tax Returns Online

Tax filing may be unpleasant sometimes, always keeps you guessing and assuming things. That is where our software works with you to make the filling process simple, easy and as pain-free as possible. Many filers can use this online software solution to electronically file their tax return in less than 15 minutes, designed to take the guesswork out of filing taxes.

Heavy vehicle tax filing and payment made easy

This solution is for the American Truckers operating heavy trucks on public highways who has to pay heavy highway vehicle use tax through IRS Form 2290. It works to guide them through the filing process with ease, helping to prepare tax return correctly, simplifies tax filing process by providing easy to answer questions. Saves a lot of time, makes you busy back on the roads.

Documentation and content management made easy for employees

The document and content management solution is for all size organizations, a user-friendly solution that is simple to install, support, and maintain. It is designed to operate in multiple network environments and easy to access. Whatever your document management needs are, from increasing the efficiency of your entire staff, to bettering your customer service capabilities, to automated workflow meets all your organization requirements.

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