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Development Process

Development Process

At Jeevan, we use our own Agile Development Process – JTX. JTX is largely based on the Scrum Methodology, but also based on software industry best practices such as: Interaction Design, Goal Directed Development, UML and Exploratory Testing. Our development approach is to build solutions in smaller, measurable chunks. This way we can communicate using the best possible means – working software or a prototype, rather than documents, emails etc.

Development Process

The principles on which JTX is based are represented below


At Jeevan, our aim is to give each client repeatable experience – you can expect the same quality every time. Technically, we use the best tools suitable for your business solutions and we take pride in being at the forefront of trends within the industry.


Is part of how we build trust with clients over a period of time – we gradually grow into partnership mode with the clients, based on the trust established


Agility works at all levels at Jeevan; on the management-side we quickly respond to new trends in the market and on the ground, consultants act in a resourceful manner, seizing opportunities and remaining open to new learning experiences


We are open for ideas and we are at the right size to be responsive to the collaborative thought processes, rather than imposing ours


Most effective designs are very simple. We provide the optimal solution to address the core business requirements / challenges, by keeping the overheads minimal.

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