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We changed the way truck tax form 2290 is looked up in the USA!

The web tax products with the tag Self Serviced approach on Do it Yourself version was a big success among the American Truckers reporting the Federal Highway Vehicle Use Tax.

Our tax products help US tax payers get the most contented experience of filing their returns online in a timely, fast and accurate style. The step-by-step easy screens and probing based approach helps every trucker to complete the tax return in minutes. It is not that “tax knowledge” is required to file taxes online, the simple screens go page by page to collect the required data and eliminate all possible human errors, enabling accurate tax reporting.

Our tax solutions are well established trusted e-file resources that help the tax payers to overcome paper filing hardships. We help people who aren’t sure about handling their tax with our tax product.


TruckDues is a web platform for every American Trucker reporting the federal vehicle use taxes. The Key Consideration for our tax product is to make tax preparation and reporting simple and quick. This application acts as a tool that enables every trucker to transform into the much required electronic filing platform, which is more secure, safer and quicker, in addition to making record keeping easy.

The Internal Revenue Service, authority has certified and authorized us as an electronic filing service provider for Heavy Highway Truck Taxes, Form 2290.

One Solution in Multiple Platforms

This web-based tax solution is accessible in all handheld devices that could connect with Internet to prepare the tax returns and file it online with the authorities, built on the responsive theme that is compatible with all client devices. A handy application that could get them acknowledgements downloaded for on road audits and renewals.

Self-assurance Features

The built-in user features have brought in new comfort for tax filers enabling filing from home/office and even on the move. This is a very sophisticated Self-Service web portal to take care of tax needs any time, with instant alert services to get the status of tax returns informed in real time without any delay. Bulk data upload facility available for adding high volume tax data on click of a mouse. Quick help option to add more ease in getting all required help at one common place wherever required, live chat support and dedicated agents to take care of the support seamlessly crossing the geographical boundaries.

The efile service enhances the life of Truckers by making more time devoted for business rather than reporting tax, a new approach towards tax filing; and commitment towards their contribution for the growth of the country.



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